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Touching four seasons of Yatsugatake
Giving so much more than a passing thought to
the culture of Suwa

Decorating a plate full of beauty obtained
from the vast nature in the area 

Where ca’enne stands at the base of 1,000m Yatsugatake mountains.
Where the features of the area is defined by fine weather and the huge differences of the temperatures.
Where those features create the richness of the soil and the ecologies.
Where nature and humans have existed together ever since the Jomon-era.

Yatsugatake has created its original dietary culture with great history.
With richness of the nature, traditional skills, and profound knowledge of the producers, each ingredient will amuse you with once-in-a-life-time experiences of the taste that happens on only that one single day.


It is the best way of bringing the best out of the ingredients – Firewood cuisine has its home in Europe. 
The ingredients of Yatsugatake have so much of their original tastes and strength.
Without a doubt, firewood is the best key to cook them.
Enjoy the savor of firewood with your first bite.

ca’enne‘s prosciutto harmonizes the traditional method of Culatello with rice malt of Masumi, the famous local sake brand.
You can only enjoy the prosciutto that is shaped with such taste at ca’enne.





Chef’s Choice Course (11 kinds)
Natural aged prosciutto cooked in firewood, etc.
Lunch Course (6 kinds)

Firewood cuisine, etc.




Seasonal Course (12 kinds)

Natural aged prosciutto cooked in firewood (Shirakaba-waka-ushi beef or duck), Silk eel cooked in firewood, etc.

Dinner Course (11 kinds)

Natural aged prosciutto cooked in firewood (Shirakaba-waka-ushi beef or duck), etc.


Dinner Course (11 kinds) 

Natural aged prosciutto cooked in firewood (pork or lamb), etc.


Please  note: 

Only course menu is available for both lunch and dinner menu.

Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements when reserving.

Please note the following cancellation fee.

2 days prior to the reserved date:
30 % of the reserved course fee.

1 day prior to the reserved date:
50% of the reserved course fee.

on the reserved day:
100% of the reserved course fee.

owner chef

Noriyuki USUI

Born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan

Worked/learnt cooking and its aesthetics at restaurants in Tokyo

Went to Italy in 2009
-Chef de Partie at Ristorante Paolo Teverini
– Learnt traditional method of Culatello at Antica Corte Pallavicina in Emilia-Romagna
– Distributed Prosciutto to Michelin-starred restaurants in Piedmont
– Sous-Chef at Osteria del Castello in Piemont

Came back to Japan in 2012 to become the Chef at restaurants in Roppongi and Minami-Aoyama

Moved to Yatsugatake area in Nagano in 2017

Opened ca’enne in April, 2020

Yuto Takayanagi Arisa Inomata / Beth,Inc.

Naomi Ho / HO DESIGN

flower arrangement
Miho Matsuzawa / kukul kukka



Reservations Only
Please make a reservation at least 1day in advance.

Lunch / Open 12:00 Last Entry 12:30
Dinner /  18:00 Start

Closed on Thursdays (Irregular)

ca’enne (カエンネ)
10222-25 Higashitake, Toyohira-aza, Chino, Nagano
Tel: +81 50 3159 5561

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